Thursday, February 01, 2007

technological delights :)

For the past several years I have been a faithful convert to the Firefox browsers. They run faster than their Microsoft counterpart and have some amazing functions that Microsoft was slow to use. Firefox's tabbed browsing is by far the coolest edition to an internet browser, and they've had it for quite some time. In addition, I recently have fallen in love with Google Reader. It's been out since 2005, but has been quite user friendly since September 2006. I've only had it for a short time, but it has improved my ability to keep up on important blogging and news without taking its toll on my focused attention of pastoral ministry. I love it and am thankful for it. With tabbed browsing and my Google Reader, I can see who's been blogging and give it due attention when I am available. I know many people are light years ahead of me in their savvy websurfing abilities, but I feel like I just got a new surf board with a fresh wax and I'm out enjoying the water like I've never experienced before. Who knows, maybe in my next technological step I'll actually buy an Apple computer??

Does anyone have any tips for me on how they surf the web in a way to get as much out of it as possible? Any time saving tricks? Any good rss feeds? Also, which are your favorite blogs to read from religious, political and life perspectives?


Dan said...


For feed reading, I use I've never tried Google reader, but Jen has, and she ended up switching to netvibes, too. Of course, I'm also a firefox devotee.

I read lots of blogs (mostly religious and political), but my new favorite is

Tim Reineke said...

Another Firefox devotee here. :)

If you want a quick source of news related to Religious Freedom, Family Values, the Judiciary, and other related topics, check out

It's a directory of links - updated DAILY (by way of the website or a daily e-mail) - to articles from the New York Times to WorldNetDaily to the ACLU to