Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ah . . . it's over

Tuesday was my ordination council. We had a group just under 40 people who made it to part or all of the day. I even put a tie on for the occasion. From 9AM-12PM and from 1-2PM (with lunch in between) I was asked numerous questions in relation to my position paper over the Evangelical Free Church of America's Statement of Faith. These 4 hours of questions were not easy, but the people asking the questions were very gracious. I definitely felt like the people in the room were cheering me on. I was also honored to have a number of people who have walked through life with me for a number of years.

Some of these honor guests were:

1. The woman who was my Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle leader from the 7-12th grade came. If it were not for her love and constant example of Christ-following, I don't know where I'd be today. I love you Jan.
2. A number of people who were a part of my college experience came as well. A youth pastor I served under and still have as a good friend, mentor and colleague. the senior pastor of the college church I attended. A friend who was an accountability partner and member of the Navigators with me in college. There was also a gentleman who I co-led a jr high and high school small group in college. His family was a second home in college. I also have a special relationship with his now college-aged son.
3. A friend who was my first boss after college was there. He hired me to serve as a youth pastor intern under him 2002-3.
4. I also had a number of current fellow youth pastors there to support me. Thanks guys!
5. I had some good friends from my current church. These are dear co-laborers in Christ and sharers of life. Thanks to all who came.

Around 2PM, Carrie and I were kicked out of the room so "they could talk about us behind our back." I'm not sure what all went on in there, but after a half hour they brought us in to let us know I had been unanimously recommended for ordination in the EFCA. To God be the glory!!


Todd said...

Congratulations Matt!

Rick Penney said...

good job matt, well done. It was an honor to take part

Jen said...

Congratulations, Matt. Glad it was a joyful day.

Justin said...

Way to go Matt!

Tim Reineke said...

Congratulations Matt!

Noah Braymen said...

Congrats Matt!

B. Thomas said...

You did a fantastic job, Matt. Thanks for being so earnest about the truth of the faith. We need more guys like you!

Tim said...

What a joy. I loved it - and was impressed by your answers - and your patience and humility in the way you answered (and by the occasional humor). It was a great day!