Monday, April 16, 2007

a few thoughts this morning . . .

1. I love that the bloggers' news feed on my blogger dashboard lets me know that we can all now blog in the Hindi language. I love that we live a in global world. I love knowing that there are Indians blogging away right now on this side of the world and on the other side as well.
2. Why do so many people run for president these days? I remember when like 3 people wanted to be president. Now it seems like every governor and senator thinks they have to say those words, "I'd like to announce my intention to run for president." Are they intending to run or are they really doing it?
3. Tomorrow is the day for my ordination council. About 35 people have said they hope to come and be a part of the big day. They read my 50 page paper, prepare questions, and then show up for a nice grilling session for the majority of the day. I'm actually looking forward to it. Some people think I'm a big sick in the head, but I consider it a great honor to have godly men and women challenge my beliefs in God, my pastoral ministry, and my heart for service.
4. This weekend I had a few projects around the house to work on. I'm not one of those handy-man kind-a guys. I'm more of a people guy than a thing guy so projects get under my skin a bit. I equate working on projects to shopping. Neither are fun, both involve skills I don't have, and I always seem to get frustrated. At least with shopping I come home with a new pair of shoes and an overpriced (yet tasty) cookie
5. On a lighter note, I had a great time with my dad the other night. I've had tons of questions throughout my life in regards to my family of origin and we got to spend nearly 2 hours just bantering about this stuff on Friday night. It was fascinating.


Noah Braymen said...

Good to have you back brother. I'll pray for your ordination council.

In Christ

Greg said...

Good luck in your council. Those people who will be there already believe in you - otherwise they would not take the time to read your paper or give half a day to your council. You will be among friends. Enjoy.

Yours... His,
Greg Holmes