Monday, April 30, 2007

Personal Mission Statements

I was first introduced to a personal mission statement in March 2004. I was challenged to look at God's work in my life, my calling and gifts, etc. Then I was given about an hour to work on coming up with some ideas. I developed it over the next few weeks and came up with "As I follow and experience Jesus Christ, I desire to be a shepherd who loves, invests, and inspires those around me to be world-shaping Christ followers."

Now 3 years later, I see that this statement doesn't reflect me much at all. First off, I don't have a shepherd's heart. I love leading and challenging people, but I don't really like counseling people or doing hospital visits. I like the nitty-gritty side of ministry. I am pulled more toward apostolic kind of roles . . . vision casting, leadership development, and the deeper Christian life. I do have a passion for investing in people's lives, but it's almost too narrowly defined in this mission statement.

So over the last few weeks, I've come up with a early draft of a new one. Tell me what you think. does this sound like me? Does it reflect what you know of my calling, passion, gifts, etc.?

Personal Mission - "To experience fullness in Jesus Christ and to challenge those around me to Kingdom-minded living."


Jack said...

I don't really like counseling people or doing hospital visits.


Perhaps you haven't felt the need for counsel much, or not been sick in the hospital and feeling scared and lonely.

I don't get people coming to me for private counseling, I think, because I'm too direct, and I put (for the average modern counselee) all the responsibility on them to respond obediently to God's Word howsoever it applies to their issues. I find the dependency fostered by a lot of so-called Christian counseling repugnant.

My late counseling prof at seminary said everybody that comes to you for counseling actually wants you to show them how to better manipulate their emotions or other people.

Tim said...

I am thinking about your personal mission statement.


B. Thomas said...

You mission Statement contains the vertical, internal and horizontal aspects that I think are necessary to make a good mission statement.