Tuesday, May 29, 2007


More details to follow, but I thought I should post on our HOUSE SALE! Our house was listed for a week and a half . . . who says this is a bad housing market?

That's right on Saturday we got 2 offers in 15 minutes of each other and a few hours later a counter offer was accepted. Financing, inspections, and closing are to follow so pray that that gets all wrapped up nicely. Our closing date is June 22 and we move to Denver August 5th. A couple from our church has offered us a spare bed and bathroom for the 6 weeks and our church will probably let us store our stuff in the parsonage garage . . . God keeps providing.

cool stuff huh?


Tim said...

Praise the Lord - not only for selling the house quickly, but for giving such clear confirmation of his leading in your life and desire to serve Him vocationally. I'm happily jealous of you or something.

Go God!!!

Pastor Mark said...

Congratulations Matt! We'll miss you dearly - but hopefully only for a few years. Go get 'em in Denver.

Dan Leman said...

That's great news, Matt. It is so fun to experience God moving us down these parallel tracks. You know, if it were just you or just me that this was happening to I could almost write it off as luck or skill or something. But seeing God lavish his provision on both of us as we go our separate ways is unmistakably Him.

P.S. I really liked your comment about the Cubs on my latest post.

Noah Braymen said...

Congrats brother!

In Christ