Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Carrie and I moved out of our home last Thursday. For the next 6 weeks we are living with some good friends before heading out to Denver Seminary. They are caring people, former missionaries to Austria, and they are really fun to talk to. Their son is a sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa and one of our former students. He and I stay up and chat on occasion about life, Jesus and things. It's a very nice homeless shelter and I'm thankful for it.

Still praying for:
1. An apartment in Denver
2. A job in Denver
3. Good closing weeks in Iowa with our parents, siblings and church family

Tomorrow I take off with a team of high school students and adult volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to serve on the student ministry team next year. We will talk about disciple-making, fruitfulness in Christ, spiritual disciplines, and the like. Then for one whole day they will plan out the upcoming semester and pray over such plans. Ask the Spirit to guide our weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Quote of the Day - Angel Cabrera

"There are some players that have psychologists . . . I smoke."
-Angel Cabrera, yesterday's 2007 U.S. Open Golf Tournament winner

I just thought this quote a bit humorous. Angel (pronounced, an-hel, due to his Argentinian citizenship and Spanish speaking) is quite an exhibitionist. In our world of intense counseling and over-medicated patients, I thought Angel's comments were worth a blog spot.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yahoo News - Kirk Cameron

What do you guys think of this? Yahoo News tells about Kirk Cameron's (known as Michael Sever on "Growing Pains") conversion to Christianity and new calling as an evangelist and internet preacherman.

I found the Yahoo News piece well-done and very interesting:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

sorry for the limited action . . .

June is flying by. We have been relentlessly packing up our home and getting ready for the big move.

June 5-11th we traveled to the Pine Ridge Reservation in Wanblee, South Dakota. for 3 1/2 days we ministered to children, helped update a children's home, and helped a new ministry couple and family move in and clean up the place. then we spent 2 1/2 days in Sioux Falls on our return trip ministering at an urban mission and also to help set-up for a week-long rodeo Bible camp. We came home to prepare for our garage sale this Friday and Saturday. Next week we move out June 21st. We will pack up most of our stuff in a garage and spend 6 weeks living out of our suitcases in the home of friends until our August 5th departure to Denver Seminary.

At the same time, I am teaching through the book of Galatians (Romans-lite as a friend of mine calls it) to our 7-12th grade students on Wednesday evenings. Also, I have my 2nd of 4 Sunday morning messages on the book of Jude this Sunday AM.

On the side I am reading through a book called "Sacred Marriage" with my wife. I am half-way through N.T. Wright's "Jesus" and hoping to finish his "The Resurrection of the Son of God" as well before we ship off west. These are not books I'll probably get around to during the thick of seminary. I am also gearing up for my Greek entrance exam. I am using Machen's beginner's book and Mounce's as well.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

new computer and fun

Carrie and I brought a new child into our home on Thursday evening . . . no, she didn't deliver our baby 2 months early. We got a new computer. Carrie's desktop went up in a cloud of smoke almost 2 months ago. My laptop at church has been dying a slow death so we didn't think it was worth trying to take it out to Denver Seminary. So we purchased a new HP laptop. It's nothing over the top, but I am enjoying playing on it. It's an HP Pavilion dv6000, running Vista Home Premium, and Microsoft Office 2007.

My previous laptop was a Dell, and I lost loyalty to Dell as I made a huge investment in telephone conversations with service people and ordering new parts. I'm not ready to go Apple . . . maybe the next computer purchase. I don't think I'm enough artsy-postmodern-yupppy to go Apple. Soon though . . . I here Colorado transforms many people to the world of Macintosh.

BTW - I like Vista . . . a lot! And FYI, I've never had a PC crash due to Microsoft software . . . only due to hardware. I think Bill Gates knows what he's doing.