Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Carrie and I moved out of our home last Thursday. For the next 6 weeks we are living with some good friends before heading out to Denver Seminary. They are caring people, former missionaries to Austria, and they are really fun to talk to. Their son is a sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa and one of our former students. He and I stay up and chat on occasion about life, Jesus and things. It's a very nice homeless shelter and I'm thankful for it.

Still praying for:
1. An apartment in Denver
2. A job in Denver
3. Good closing weeks in Iowa with our parents, siblings and church family

Tomorrow I take off with a team of high school students and adult volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to serve on the student ministry team next year. We will talk about disciple-making, fruitfulness in Christ, spiritual disciplines, and the like. Then for one whole day they will plan out the upcoming semester and pray over such plans. Ask the Spirit to guide our weekend.

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