Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baby Cometh!!

Thanks to the wonderful internet connection provided in the birth and delivery room, you get to see pics of my beautiful wife just hours into labor.

This is a picture of her kind and fun nurse, Amanda. (bottom pic) Also, a picture of her doctor, Jean (top pic.) The labor should outlive their shifts. So, we may get some new pics as the night develops.

Things are going great . . . more pics to come :)


Jack said...

Well! Guess you've got an OB/GYN!

Congratulations!, it's a super exciting time, isn't it?

Stacey W said...

congrats on sammy!
hes a cutie, i hope you are getting settled in co and are finding love where ever you go. you guys deserve it! i wish you both the best of luck and i hope to hear from you guys soon!


Shane Vander Hart said...

Um yeah, Cheryl wasn't smiling when she was in labor.