Thursday, August 23, 2007

Genitive this . . . aorist participle that . . .

yahoo!! I passed my Greek pass-out exam today. I took Classical Greek like 5 years ago in undergrad and then for the last 5 years I've tried to pick-up Biblical New Teastment (Koine) Greek through personal study. They gave me 6 free (well, $50 for the test) credits and now I get to start in New Testament exegesis classes this semester. Also, these 6 credits put me up to 18 total, 12 of which I've taken the last 3 years in ministry. This means I don't have to kill myself to finish school in the three years my scholarship is good for. I just need to average about 4 classes per semester and then one extra class each year either during the summer or winter session. Praise God!!

Here's my fall schedule: (to my pals out there in school, I'd love to hear what you're taking)

NT 611 - Using Greek in New Testament Exegesis - We will study an intermediate grammar textbook, translate the first 8 chapters of Paul's epistle to the Romans, and read Doug Moo's Romans' commentary to supplement our personal study.

EM501 - Foundations of Teaching and Learning - We will use a standard textbook to look at the history and development of Christian Education. Then we will read an additional 1000 pages from a number of different options to investigate the roles of teaching and learning. We will have one set teaching time of 30 min. or more to wow our audience and show that we have embraced some solid teaching principles.

NT 511 - Understanding the Gospels and Acts - We will read through the Gospels in a NT parallel Bible and also the Acts of the Apostles. We are reading 2 books by the professor (Blomberg), a few others, and also Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight.

BI501 - Effective Biblical Interpretation - This is the prerequisite to all classes basically. I guess if you don't know how to study the Bible "correctly," it would be tough to go much further in seminary.

T/M 500 - Intro to Christian Formation and Training & Mentoring - One of the coolest things about Denver Seminary is that I am required each semester to focus not just on textbooks, but my own walk with Jesus and over whom I influence. This intro class involves personality tests, personal assessment, and early encouragement in seminary to keep the heart loving God just as much as the mind.

I start Monday and I am pumped!!


Noah Braymen said...

Sounds great man! I'm currently only doing 2 credits for the Applied Ministry b/c I can't take other classes while I'm doing the internship at CHBC...I don't think I could even if I wanted to;)

Later brother!

In Christ,

Tim Reineke said...

Awesome! Looks like you've got an interesting semester ahead of you!

My course schedule doesn't have such high numbers (one last year of being an undergrad), but is pretty interesting as well and can be found on my blog ( if you're interested.


Dan Leman said...

My courses start tomorrow. I posted my class list at