Wednesday, August 15, 2007

more pics of Samuel

Well, we are totally Coloradan now. Driver's licenses, new plates, and a baby born in the state. Seems official huh? All except the Iowa State football shirt I'm sporting in the pic with Samuel.

In all reality we are really missing Iowa right now (sigh). Yet, I thought it fitting that the 3 letters on the license plate are PGS . . . seems appropriate for a native Iowan, where there are more PiGS than people statewide.

The process for getting a license plate was so much easier (all except I was sent to the wrong county office to start.) Seems that my zip code is shared by 3 different counties. After having to drive about 6 miles back east, I only had to wait about 15 minutes to talk to the right person. God is teaching me patience . . . and teaching me to trust in Him.

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Louise said...

How sad to see the official CO tags! Scott might just use them to locate you on the road sometime. He and Steve are so good at seeing the plate numbers and remembering them. I was hoping you might just come "home"! We miss you terribly, but that's not news to you.