Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I woulda been . . .

In light of my class "Understanding the Gospels and Acts" taught by Craig Blomberg, I've decided hands down I would have been a Pharisee at the time of Jesus. These faithful Jews did everything in their power to honor God's laws to the point of sometimes snubbing some of their friends and neighbors. They were vigorous readers who would often get stuck on insignificant tangents and religious discussions that had limited value for the "people of the land". They made rules to go with their beliefs to "put up a fence" around their sacred Scriptures. They believed in God's power to bring about his predestined plan, but they felt it was necessary for them to help God's plan along by their own actions. Like these Phariees, I am given to a truncated theology and unloving practice all for the sake of being "right" or "orthodox". I don't want to admit it, but I think a Jesus-type figure would have been threatening to me too. I just maybe would have labeled him a heretic (or even worse a liberal!) I don't know if I would have asked for his life, but I probably wouldn't have minded if he was silenced. A life led by the Spirit instead of a life without rules can't be monitored by religious elite (thus, danger!).

Jesus free from this pattern of living and believing and invite me into your plan of redemption, love for others, and your new way of being.

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