Monday, October 08, 2007

employment update

Thanks to all who have been in prayer. I signed all the paper work and took my drug test to work at Phone Zone today. Phone Zone is a nationwide company that sells T-Mobile cellular service and all the best brands of cellular technology. I start training tomorrow. If anyone has any cellular needs that I could work on for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Phone Zone carries all the best PDAs, cell phones, Bluetooth accessories, and other valuable products.

Now I need to get back to the books, but here are some upcoming posts:
1. I performed my sister's wedding on Oct. 5.
2. Carrie and I visited our home state of Iowa Oct. 3-7 to visit friends and be a part of my sister's big day.
3. Midterms are next week for two of my Denver Seminary classes. I'm looking forward to my Biblical Exegesis midterm (taught by Dr. Klein) and my Gospels midterm (taught by Dr. Craig Blomberg).


Dan Leman said...

Isn't it fun to look forward to midterms and papers and homework? This is such a change from my undergrad experience, I'm eating it up.

Craig Blomberg said...

Looking forward to exams? Looking ahead, maybe. . . As much as I loved seminary (more than most of my students seem to have), I can't say I ever relished exams! But perhaps you are more sanctified than I was! :)

Jack said...

Just don't a job at BuyMore. You might end up with all of America's spy secrets beamed into your head.