Saturday, October 13, 2007

Little Leprechauns!

Last Tuesday (October 2), my wife and I were sitting in our home minding our own business. It was 10PMish and we were getting close to our normal routine of preparing for bed. All of a sudden, we heard this freakish noise coming from our front door (which just so happens to be near our living room where we were seated). The noise was our screen door opening and shutting; needless to say, we were a bit freaked out. There was no knock and no other noises. The most scary part was that I realize our front door was unlocked! I slipped over very carefully and locked the door (ahh . . . now were safe, right?). About 2 minutes after I locked the door, there was a loud knocking on the door; I pictured a 6'5'' man with a mask on other side of the door. Carrie slipped upstairs with our infant, and I went to open the door to the very big intruder . . .

There was no one there. This at first scared me and made me very angry. I took a few steps outside to see a car pealing away. We used to call this behavior in high school the "ding dong ditch." But when I turned around to go inside I notice a traditional white envelope on the ground with "Proctors" written on the outside. I opened to find a few things. First a note that read, "Proctors: Rejoice in God's provision. He brought you here for a reason, and will provide for all your needs. Love in Christ. Friends." Also, inside were $150 in gift certificates to a grocery store and Target. They say it's hard to catch a leprechaun, but if they are going to leave envelopes like that on your doorstep, why would you ever want to catch them?

To be honest the last 2 months have been a bit hard for us. I've tracked down numerous job opportunities, but sadly several have fallen through. We've been getting the very nice bills from the hospital and doctors who participated in Samuel's birth, and spent quite a bit just making the necessary transitions to a new state. We were blown away by this gift from the Lord. Father in heaven, thank you for using your people to display Your glory!

I don't have time to share with you the dozens of other ways God has provided for us over the past 2 months, but let's just say, it's been very cool! I have my first scheduled shift at my new job this Tuesday at 1:30PM. Praise the Lord for His great provision


Shane Vander Hart said...

Praise God for His provision!

Noah Braymen said...

How is the new job working out?? Praying for you brother!

In Christ,