Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quotes of the Day - John Piper

"The reason for this (laying down your life to make people eternally happy in God) is that any good-hearted goal, without the desire to give people eternal joy in God, is condemnation with a kind face."

Personal Reflection: If we fail to make Jesus known by both word and deed, then we may appear polite, but in reality we are extremely uncaring. If I know the truth of a Savior who shed his blood for me and others but keep it to myself, am I really being a friend? Woe to us if we do not share Jesus and his beautiful gospel.

"Love always wants what is best for the needy, and what's best is enjoying God forever. Similarly, any effort to honor Christ that does not aim to make him the all satisfying Treasure of God's treasonous subjects is complicity in the revolt . . . This single passion--to see that Christ be glorified as perishing people become eternally satisfied in him--drives the great global enterprise we call world missions."

--John Piper in Don't Waste Your Life

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Barbara said...

Good luck with school. I'm finishing a Masters in Christian Education so I am sympathetic.

Keep sharing the gospel!