Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two spaces? One space?

So, I grew up ALWAYS putting two spaces after a period. But now I have been told new writing guides say only one. so what do you think?

Anybody have any insight especially on exactly what Turabian form requires??? Or APA? Or MLA? Are those even the right abbreviations?



Shane Vander Hart said...

Two spaces - just leaving one space makes the paragraph look crowded.

But then again, perhaps I'm just old school.

Anonymous said...

I say two spaces, Sandy says one. Notice, I just put one in on this comment. Take your pick I think. Scott

Tim Reineke said...

I've misplaced my copy of Turabian, but I believe it asks for two spaces. I know two spaces is what I've always used - I agree with Shane that it is just too crowded with just one space.

Anonymous said...

It's 2 spaces according to Turabian. I have always published in APA so when I went back to school and had to start using Turabian I had to read all the fine print to re-learn how to format papers.