Thursday, December 06, 2007

Good discussion occuring about Intelligent Design

I've joined in a conversation on the denial of tenure of a professor from my alma mater Iowa State University. If you are behind on this matter, you can catch up by looking at a fellow Denver Seminary student's blog (also an Iowa State graduate) here:

We've also been having a mini dialog on one of our professor's blogs here:

Feel free to join in the conversation.

More info:
Intelligent Design Was the Issue After All
Background to the Guillermo Gonzalez Story
Q & A about the Guillermo Gonzalez Story
Biosketch of Dr. Gonzalez
List of Dr. Gonzalez's Refereed Science Publications
Statement of Dr. Gonzalez on Academic Persecution From 2005
List of Publications
Key facts and timeline


The Royal Bookworm said...

Thanks for the info Matt! I've added Those blogs to my RSS feeds. It really is upsetting when a university (allegedly) violates the professor's academic freedom - not to mention the law - in this way. Unfortunately, it is far from the only time such controversy has erupted at ISU - even if we only consider incidents happening in this past year.

Tony Lombardo said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for adding my blog. I dig your meanderings too, and will be checking in to see what my fellow DenSem AND ISU grad is thinking about these days. Hope your semester is wrapping up well and that you get to go home for Christmas!