Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The run down . . .

Tonight: the small group that I attend via Ambassador Church is having a Christmas party.

I have finished all the major assignments for this semester and am gearing up for finals.

Next week: 3 major finals (Monday in my "Teaching and Learning" class, Thursday in my "Gospels and Acts" class, and Friday in my "Greek Exegesis" class on the book of Romans)

Dec. 14-Jan. 14 - I get some time away from Denver Seminary (we'll be back in IA Jan. 5-12), and I will pick up some extra hours at my T-Mobile job the others weeks we're in Colorado.

Jan. 14-25 - 2 week winter intercession course

Jan 28 - Spring semester starts

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Jack said...

It's cool that the church meets at Elvis Cinema! I hope the ministry goes well.