Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quote of the Day - Parker Palmer

"If what we know is an abstract, impersonal, and apart from us, it cannot be truth, for truth involves a vulnerability, faithful and risk-filled interpenetration of the knower and the known." - Parker Palmer

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quotes of the Day - John Piper

"The reason for this (laying down your life to make people eternally happy in God) is that any good-hearted goal, without the desire to give people eternal joy in God, is condemnation with a kind face."

Personal Reflection: If we fail to make Jesus known by both word and deed, then we may appear polite, but in reality we are extremely uncaring. If I know the truth of a Savior who shed his blood for me and others but keep it to myself, am I really being a friend? Woe to us if we do not share Jesus and his beautiful gospel.

"Love always wants what is best for the needy, and what's best is enjoying God forever. Similarly, any effort to honor Christ that does not aim to make him the all satisfying Treasure of God's treasonous subjects is complicity in the revolt . . . This single passion--to see that Christ be glorified as perishing people become eternally satisfied in him--drives the great global enterprise we call world missions."

--John Piper in Don't Waste Your Life

Friday, November 23, 2007

Have you missed seeing Samuel???

Thanks to Grandma Carol for the new gift. Samuel likes to bounce. We had a nice family visit in SD for Thanksgiving so we included a few photos. One has cousin Regan Odegaard holding Samuel and then the two oldest boys Tyler and Aaron Odegaard get to be privileged to share a photo opp with precious Samuel as well. There's a photo of cousin Bailey from a few weeks back too when Carrie made her mad dash back to Iowa to pick up our new car. (we forgive her for wearing Iowa Hawkeyes' apparel).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two spaces? One space?

So, I grew up ALWAYS putting two spaces after a period. But now I have been told new writing guides say only one. so what do you think?

Anybody have any insight especially on exactly what Turabian form requires??? Or APA? Or MLA? Are those even the right abbreviations?


Good to be home . . .

This past weekend I joined the 7-12 grade students of South Suburban EFC for a weekend retreat at the Eagle Bluff Learning Center in Lansboro, MN. Bruce Bentley, friend and student pastor of South Suburban EFC, invited me to share God's Word with the students over four sessions. We looked at four key passages in Matthew 9. Here were the session topics:

Session 1: "A New Table: Sinners Party and Leap for Joy" Matthew 9:1-13
Session 2: "New Wine: I'll Drink to That!" Matthew 9:14-16
Session 3: "New Life: Hope for the Hopeless" Matthew 9:17-34
Session 4: "A New Calling" Matthew 9:35ff

O how sweet it was to worship with these students. They have hearts for the Lord and a growing heart to serve people!! May they be a generation who gives up everything to meet the needs of hurting people and to make the message of Jesus known to our needy world!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I married my sister, a divorced woman, and two of my buddies

Okay . . . probably by the title you might already be tracking with where I am going, but it is interesting that in the English language one can mean one thing whereas others can read it a totally different way.
Two weeks ago in my NT class with Craig Blomberg as the professor we were were discussing the statements Jesus made about marriage and divorce. I just so happened to engage in the conversation by saying that I had married a divorced woman and thus my opinion was X. Well, it took a week for me to understand that the majority of the class believed my dear wife Carrie had been married previously (not true). The verbiage I had chosen actually meant I had performed the wedding ceremony for a divorced woman. Needless to say, my wife was not the most thrilled to think that the class of 50+ students and the professor all thought my wife was married previously (which would have been quite a short marriage since I married her when she was 20).
This past Tuesday in class, with tail between legs, I publicly exonerated my dear wife. I also apologized for not being as clear as I should have been. Now the class knows . . . and now via the great world wide web the world knows of my silly mistake!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have felt called to preach God's Word for quite some time. The last few months have not provided very many teaching opportunities, but things are about to change. I fly out Friday for a retreat speaking engagement in Minnesota. I get to spend 3 wonderful days with about 100 people from the Twin Cities. I'm pumped. Throw up a prayer my way as I finish up my preparation.

Gotta run . . . I need to read my Romans' commentary to prepare for tomorrow's theology's quiz!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Popular Story - Rick Hoyt

Today in seminary I watched a video about this story.

We watched it while listening to the song "My Redeemer Lives" and meditating on how our heavenly Father cares for us. When we are weak, He is strong.