Monday, March 31, 2008

Brief Life Update

Thanks to those of you who pray for us! One of the key reasons we keep up this blog is for our friends to get a hint of what's going on in our lives. The pull of parenthood, seminary, work, and normal life challenges have kept us from keeping up with as many of you as we have hoped. so here's a little of what's going on and how you can continue to support us in your prayers (feel free to drop a line if you have something we could be praying for you!).

Samuel is getting his rear up in the air, rocking back in forth in the bear crawl position, and is thinking crawling forward just might be a bit more productive than log rolling from place to place. He is eating, sometimes like a champ, but many days as if he's full from the moment he starts eating. We are trying to teach him a little sign language to give him an opportunity to communicate. So far, he just looks at us and thinks we talk too much with our hands.

Carrie is working 2 part-time jobs from home. She continues to write grants for the non-profit organization Serve our Youth, and she picked up an administrative assistant position for her step-father. She's a great mom, but like all great moms, wouldn't mind a few more hours of sleep each night. Right now, her dad is visiting us from IA. He's a nice encouragement, we appreciate his positivity.

I continue to plow through seminary studies. I have a large (40 pagesish) paper due in one week that has been a primary focus the last few weeks. Work is on the rocks since they may close the two retails stores I am currently serving. We'll see (big prayer request, BTW). I started playing basketball once a week through a church B-ball league. It's a nice outlet for pent up frustration :) I'm enjoying fatherhood, but only wishing the outside-the-home responsibilities could be narrowed so I had more hours with Samuel and Carrie each week.

We love you and miss you -

The Proctors (matt)

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