Saturday, March 08, 2008

Simpson Producer Picks on IA

Simpson's producer, Mike Reiss, spoke on Iowa State University's campus March 6, 2008. Here's a snippet of some of his humor (the punk picks on the town I previously lived in):

Reiss said he was amazed the show, which returned to TV just after
the writers' strike, is still on the air after all these years.
"We came back on the air with a new episode, and we were the No.
2-rated show on TV for the week, after 'CSI: Boone,'" Reiss said. "It
was a great episode. It turns out the victim was bored to death."
The show has begun to repeat itself after 19 years, Reiss said,
citing as an example Lisa Simpson's change to vegetarianism and later
to Buddhism.
"If the show keeps going," he said, "we'll make her a lesbian, and
then a cannibal, and then we'll send her to the University of Iowa."

The entire write-up of his visit is available on the Iowa State Daily webpage.

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