Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Raise the Taxes . . . It's Our Only Option

Fox News' Neil Cavuto explains this perfectly . .
. (check out his website before you make too
quick of judgment on this post) -


Here's his whole write-up:

I was wrong.

Plain and simple, I was wrong.

What I thought would be a mild recession has
turned into something worse — maybe much worse.

I didn't think the government should get
involved. Now, I think it has no choice.

If the markets can't correct things, maybe Uncle
Sam can.

And maybe, just maybe, politicians demanding a
greater government role are right.

But that government role doesn't come cheap.

They know this.

Belatedly, I know this too. So, let me be clear:
We need to raise taxes.

You heard me right — raise taxes.

Not across the board and hopefully not

But enough to right some wrongs and pay some long
overdue bills.

The rich have had a nice ride. Paying a little
more for the pleasure won't kill them and it
won't kill me.

We've tried desperately to bring the poor up.
Maybe it's time to teach the well-to-do a thing
or two and bring them down.

They won't miss the money. But maybe they'll get
the point.

Yes, it's time to raise taxes and the sooner the

Because, yes, I was wrong: Cutting taxes isn't
the answer. Hiking them, now, more than ever is.

Mark it down. This date: April 1st, 2008.

April Fools Day.


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shanevanderhart said...

LOL - he caught me! I was shocked that Cavuto was saying such blasphemy :).

Thanks for sharing that Matt.