Friday, April 04, 2008

Zimbabwe, God and Elections

In 2005, my wife and I journeyed to Zimbabwe for a short missions trip. Now 3 years later our heart still goes out to many friends in the country. Last Saturday, they had elections that were for nearly every political office from local to federal.

The ruling party, the Zanu-PF, has been in power since 1980 when white rule was sufficiently wiped out. Their leader, Robert Mugabe, has since then become a vicious dictator and enemy of the people. It has the worst economy in the world (sparked by Mugabe's violent seizure of white-owned farms that were given to Mugabe's war buddies rather than able-bodied farmers).

Saturday's election results have been released slowly with no word on the new president of Zim. The parliamentary results have been totally released, giving the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) the majority. Today, we may hear word of the presidential results, but it's tough to tell. The uneasiness of the country is rising. Just yesterday the MDC's headquarters was ransacked, some fearing Mugabe was going ofter the MDC presidential nominee (Morgan Tsvangarai).

Lord willing, the MDC will take power and seek a more just system of leadership. With 80% of the country unemployed, inflation at 100,000%, and millions starving to death and being ravished by AIDS (life-expectancy at an all-time low of 36 years of age), I'd ask you to pause and pray today for this country.

God is close to the broken-hearted and oppressed . . . ask that the Lord would send a new season of blessing upon this hurting land.

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