Thursday, May 29, 2008

A call for preachers to know the Word!

"No second hand knowledge (e.g. commentaries) of the revelation of God for the salvation of a ruined world can suffice the needs of a ministry whose function it is to convey this revelation to men, commend it to their acceptance and apply it in detail to their needs--to all their needs, from the moment they are called into participation with in the grace of God, until the moment when they stand perfect in God's sight, built up by the Spirit into new men . . . Nothing will suffice for it but to know; to know the book; to know it at first hand; and to know it through and through. and what is required first of all for training such a ministry is that the book be given in its very words [Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek] as it has come from God's hand and in the fullness of meaning, as that meaning has been ascertained by the labors of generations of men of God who have brought to bear upon all the resources of sanctified scholarship and consecrated thought."

This from the great Dr. B.B. Warfield (19th Century Professor of Princeton Seminary). My Hebrew textbook thought this would be encouraging; and it was!

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