Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pray for Zim

In a recent BBC article, it was noted that one of
the top generals of the Zimbabwean army has
mandated that all soldiers must either vote for
the incumbent president Robert Mugabe in the
upcoming run-off election or they should
immediately give up their uniform and leave the

Mugabe has been a totalitarian dictator of this
nation for almost 30 years. In the general
election on March 29, 2008, Mugabe lost the
election. But the opposition candidate, according
to the election commission, did not receive the
required 50% plus one votes to seal the election
(though the opposition claims they won the
election outright). Now in one month the two
candidates who received the most votes in the
general election (Mugabe and Tsvangarai) will
run-off on June 27th.

Since the initial election, Mugabe has threatened
those who oppose his re-election, has physically
abused many, and several have been killed. The
already spiraling economy has plummeted even

O Lord, save these people. Show mercy to those in
need. Help people to vote for wise leaders
despite the risk that is involved in such a
decision. Protect them Lord, in Jesus name!

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