Sunday, June 29, 2008

It has begun

Genetic engineering used to send shivers up the spines all around the world (does anyone else remember Hitler's attempt at Aryan supremancy??).

But now, it becomes commonplace news (,2933,373441,00.html).

A woman in the U.K. had 11 eggs fertilized to make human babies. Then six were killed and rejected because they carried a "potential" gene that might have led to breast cancer later in life. Not only was in-vitro fertilization used to ward off this "dangerous gene", but in-vitro was not even necessary because the couple had shown no complications to impede natural conception.

Some people marvel that in-vitro fertilization allows for parents to pick the gender and greater ensure the healthiness of their child. But do we ever pause and think of the millions of lives that are not given a chance at breath because they carry "potentially" harmful deficiencies. I have the joy of knowing children with physical and mental handicaps. I know many men and women who have struggled through cancer and other vicious diseases. But all of them deserved a chance at life, and so do these babies who are being denied their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not to mention that many of the "rejected embryos" are then subject to scientific testing, as if these human lives are lab rats.

Please take a moment and silently think of the life that is being denied because of the "progress" of human scientific evolution.


joel, maggie said...

That is incredibly sad. And disgusting. And horribly selfish.

Luke said...

I agree with Joel...ultimately it does seem to boil down to selfishness and arrogance. Sick.