Saturday, June 14, 2008

Words are not enough . . .

My home state of Iowa is in shambles due to an unprecedented amoung of rain. My wife's home town of Cedar Rapids has nearly 1 billion dollars in damage. Luckily her family's home is safe. But her dad's corporate downtown office is flooded, approximately 6 feet of water in his office (nearly 3 blocks from the river).

Praise the Lord this catastrophe has only caused the loss of one life across the area. Pray for continued protection for those suffering. Pray for the broken hearts that are being experienced by many as their homes, memories and lives have been ransacked by the flooding.

If you are interested in pictures or articles, the Des Moines Register ( has more than most can handle.

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The Grows said...

Yeah it's pretty bad -- check these out. The ones toward the end are quite amazing.