Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Major Discovery

Maybe you have already read about this fascinating archaeological discovery:,2933,378523,00.html

Basically, archaelogists have determined the authenticity of an ancient relic. The discovered relic is a first century B.C. (100 years before the time of jesus Christ) stone with writing upon it. The writing is in Hebrew and has now been called the "Revelation of Gabriel." In it, the writer describes the death of a Messiah and his resurrection 3 days later.

Let me tell you just how this discovery will be interpreted:

1. If you are an atheist or liberal scholar who does not like Christianity: First you will argue that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is furthered explained away with even more certainty as a fabricated tale. His resurrection was simply extrapolated by a number of myths and expectations that were apparent in all f0rms of Jewish thought. The disciples had to think of something to explain Jesus' martyrdom and sacrifice and some guy said, "Hey, I read something somewhere, about an angel Gabriel or what not, that said the Messiah could resurrect from the grave 3 days after dying. Let's quit hiding and fleeing for our lives, and go out and proclaim that Jesus is back from the dead. Who cares that the Jews will hate us, and the Romans will probably kill us if we declare there is a King other than Caesar? But it's a really cute story and we should tell everyone about it."

2. If you are a good student of history and religion: You will recognize that the connection between Jewish beliefs before and around the time of Christ line up perfectly with the Gospel accounts of Jesus and His life, death, and resurrection. It will show that an understanding of the Old Testament prophecies pointing to a killed and resurrected Messiah was already dawning before it came to be in the person of Jesus Christ.

Which story do you think the Associated Press and the like will run with?

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