Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The latest stats...

Samuel went for his 12 month check-up today and here are the latest numbers: 30 1/2 inches in height (74th %ile), 20 lbs. 14 oz. (24th %ile), and his head is 18 1/4 inches around (50th %ile). The doc says he's doing well with his 7 teeth and his walking, and that he is growing as is to be expected. Here are some of mommy's favorite pictures of Samuel's birthday party. In the first, Samuel has finally gotten the hang of eating his cupcake. In the second, you see Samuel with 2 of his little friends, Kate and Emily.

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Anonymous said...

Samuel had a droopy diaper after this experience, I'll bet! What a fun birthday he must have had! It's nice to be able to see a little bit of his growing up days. Wish we dould see it in person! Maybe someday, but I don't have my hopes up too high, unless there are BIG fish in the creek he's sitting in! Steve might be willing to take the trip then! You know, I'd NEVER get away with taking a trip without Kate and Sandy!

Love & "misses"...kisses too,