Sunday, August 10, 2008

Samuel's First Birthday

Today Samuel celebrated his first birthday. This morning at our church (Ambassador Church), we had a service where we dedicated Sameul to the Lord Jesus Christ. Then this afternoon we had a little party. One of my seminary friends, Luke Gleaves, celebrated his 24th birthday on August 10th as well. Samuel and Luke had a combined party and we had a number of fun guests. Samuel got to take a train ride, visit a petting zoo, and do a little walk through a creek.

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Louise & Steve said...

My goodness, that guy is sooooo cute! I mean Samuel; not you, Matt! It's obvious he's a kid in action, according to the blurr of the wrapping paper! Looks like he got into the gift opening and had fun! Thanks for adding a smile to my day! Kate & Nick rode bikes over today and that was such a joy! I had extra smiles while Steve & Scott spent some personal time at Dicksissel fishing. Bet your parents wish they lived within biking distance!

Love you all,