Thursday, September 04, 2008

A call to thoughtful democracy

Please go and watch the speeches of both candidates and then check the facts. I was able to take in the same amount of speeches from the both the GOP and the DNC. I was recommitted to my selection of president. Are you voting through research and information? Or are you voting for something else? We need a president with a moral compass. We need a president with global abilities. We need a president with leadership and governance acumen.

Whoever you might vote for, I think Rudy Giuliani offered some sage wisdom, "Change is not a destination, and hope is not a strategy." Voting is about something more than gut feelings! Read the Scriptures, pray for the country, pray for your own vote, compare party platforms and the agendas of each candidate and then go vote for the candidate you believe best aligns with the principles of the kingdom of God.


Noah Braymen said...

Thanks brother for the reminder. If you're curious I've been helping develop a prayer guide for a prayer vigil with this purpose. Check it out if you have the chance.

In Christ,

Luke said...

I agree with your sentiment here. We need to inform ourselves rather than listen to superficial rhetoric and opponent bashing.

Unfortunately, Giuliani was probably worse than any speaker at either convention in terms of negative rhetoric. I am so tired of simple superficial smudge techniques. Hopefully the debates bring about some meat and deep discussion of actual policies and political philosophy rather than simple name calling.

I'm a little afraid that people are too lazy to take the time to learn details about each candidate's policies. We are more interested in rhetorical skill, personality, and skin color or gender than we are in what candidates actually stand for.