Friday, September 19, 2008

The Emerging Church's Death - Read Up

It is not surprising that a movement that violently opposed labeling and definition is slowly fading into blogosphere history.

Some of the most interesting points in the article:

Dan Kimball's (author of several emergent books): "I can't defend or even explain theologically what is now known broadly as "the emerging church" anymore, because it has developed into so many significantly different theological strands. Some I strongly would disagree with."

The article concludes: "As the emerging church rides off into the sunset, where does that leave things? Well, news has been leaking about a new network being formed by Dan Kimball, Erwin McManus, Scot McKnight, and Bob Roberts among others. I understand further meetings will be happening this week to help solidify the group. The still unnamed network has agreed to start with the inclusive but orthodox theological foundation of the Lausanne Covenant, and they intend to emphasize mission and evangelism. They appear to have learned from the emerging church’s mistake—define purpose and doctrine early so your identity doesn’t get hijacked. If they do their work carefully, perhaps the new network can avoid getting "wacked" in every sense of the word."

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