Sunday, September 28, 2008

Emotions and Politics

This political race has reminded me of my humanness. In the midst of the watching of debates and speeches, the reading of platforms on various party's websites, and the various conversations regarding various political arenas, I have experienced the full gamut of emotions. Why? And is this appropriate?

1. Why? We get emotional because we take things seriously. There are serious issues at stake: e.g. health care, poverty, abortion, terrorism.

2. Appropriate? Yes and no. Yes, we need to let our whole being (emotions included) affect our voting on November 4th. No, God is in control. A Democrat or Republican President or controlled-Congress will NOT solve the problems in our fallen world. When our emotions become out of control, it shows that we have forgotten to trust in God and instead have put our hopes in a people to solve our issues and we fear if the wrong people are put in place the sky will begin to fall.

Today I am praying for the major political parties (both of them!). Both of the major presidential candidates. And for people groups who stand on opposite sides of important issues to me. This is my commitment to my nation today. And since it is the Lord's Day, I am going to rest in the Sabbath that Jesus chrsit has offered from His cross and resurrection (see Hebrew 4).

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