Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's the greatest moral issue of our day?

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Here's one nugget:

"But something might be worse than abortion," said Theresa, "couldn't it?"

"Like what?" I asked.

Theresa thought for a moment. "Like an unjust war? There's a war going on right now."

"Do you think the war is unjust?" I asked.

"I don't think it's unjust, but some of our friends do. Besides, some wars really are unjust."

I nodded. "Through history, I'd say most wars have been unjust."

"Do you think this one is?"

"No," I said. "I think it's just."

"Just for purposes of argument," she persisted, "suppose candidate X supported abortion, and candidate Y opposed abortion but supported a war that was unjust. Like some of our friends think this one is."

"Okay," I said, "I'm supposing."

"Don't unjust wars also deliberately take innocent human life?"

"They do."

"So an unjust war would be a sanctity-of-life issue too, wouldn't it?" she asked. "Just like abortion."

"It would," I said, "and an unjust war certainly could be even worse than abortion. But let's think a little further. To be even worse than abortion, just how bad would the unjust war have to be?"

"Well," said Don, "since the main evil is the same in both cases — the slaughter of innocents — I guess there would have to be even an even greater rate of slaughter in the unjust war than there is through legalized abortion."

"Right," I said. "Do you happen to know how many innocent lives are lost each year through legalized abortion?"

"A lot."

"Do you know exactly?"

Don looked inquiringly at Theresa. "You remember things like that, Reesi. Do you know?"

"Just through surgical abortions? We're running at about 1.2 million a year," she said. "More than 44 million babies have been killed since abortion was legalized."

"A third of your generation," I said.

She nodded grimly.

"So to be worse than abortion," I asked, "wouldn't an unjust war have to kill even more than 1.2 million innocent people each year?"

"Hey, that's right," said Don.

"What's the death rate in the present war?"

"Not even close," he said. "Thanks! That'll help you talk with your friends, won't it, Reesi?"


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good stuff.

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Great point!

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Good post. It's always easy to get your focus off the big stuff.