Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas and Things

It's nearly 8:30AM on Christmas day and my musings have already begun:

1. Watching my son eat breakfast is such a delight. What a gift . . . Christmas couldn't get better. (The smell of ribs cooking in the slowcooker also warms the Christmas spirit.)

2. My wife is still in bed. Why? Well, she's carrying a very important Christmas gift (on lay-away until August). She's carrying our second child and still traversing the difficult journey of the first trimester. Pray for her health and strength. Pray that God knits this baby perfectly in her womb.

3. The incarnated Son of God changes people's lives. Some wonder how this can occur, others scoff, others feel guilty when they spend time with Jesus-touched people. NFL quarterback Kurt Warner recently had a unique piece done on him by ESPN. This is someone who has met the Christ child:

4. I have a great core of family and friends. I am so thankful for each of you. Also, I am so thankful for the church family we have here in CO. We left such a special family in Boone and we are beginning to feel at home in CO too.

(be on the lookout for Xmas pics)

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