Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spring '08 Classes

Here's my class load for Spring '08 at Denver Seminary:

NT 612 - Greek Exegesis of James - A verse by verse study of the Epistle of James in the Greek New Testament. We are using two commentaries, one by Luke Timothy Johnson and the other by Doug Moo. There is a one big assignment in the class which entails an intense exegetical paper on a passage in James (historical background, textual criticism, thorough analysis and interpretation, etc.).

HOM 612 - Expository Preaching of New Testament Texts - A class that intentionally runs beside NT 612. We will thoroughly study the art and science of preaching the Bible. We are to read preaching books by Haddon Robinson, Andy Stanley, and Calvin Miller. We preach 2 sermons, one from the passage under study in James and the other from the book of Romans

TH 590 - Survey of Christian Doctrine III - When I took a theology course from a different seminary, it covered a few of the topics of each of Denver Seminary's 2 required theology courses. Now I have to take an independent study to make up what I've missed from each class.

T/M 501 -Mentored Spiritual Formation and T/M 502 - Mentoring Ministry Experience - One of the main reasons I came to Denver Seminary is for their God-centered spiritual formation and mentoring program. Each semester I will be meeting with two mentors from my church and a faculty member as well. My mentor-team will prayerfully help me grow as a follower of Jesus and also as a future pastor.

It's a bit lighter in credits this semester, but the work load for these classes will probably trump semester #1. We'll see!! Pray for me this semester. Pray that I don't allow seminary to be simply an intellectual exercise. Pray that I would allow the intense study of God's Word to transform me personally and prepare me for a lifetime of ministry.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello from the Proctors!

Samuel's latest tricks are trying to sit up, putting everything in his mouth, and now waving hello. He gives you greetings from all of us - check it out!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Neil Cavuto makes sense

Neil Cavuto is a Fox News business news correspondent. He had an intriguing piece the other day reflecting on the economic woes of 07-08 in compared to the 1970s.
It's worth your time to read it:
After reading it, pray for the 5% who are employed and the thousands who have lost their homes. Though times have been worse, that should not keep our focus off those in need today.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Culture of Life?????

What will happen to us as a culture if we accept the work of scientists creating life but then harvesting such life for our gain? And then throwing the rest down the drain?,2933,323430,00.html

Read this article and then please pray for the leaders of our government to make wise decisions and pass life-honoring legislation. Pray also for your own heart (and mine). Pray that we'd care deeply about all life in the world and not just about our own personal interests. Pray that we'd make decisions based on love and self-sacrifice rather than quick fixes.