Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm not dead

So, I have had my longest blogosphere absence since I gave up blogging in 2007 for Lent. I was one day shy of a whole month without blogging. To some you are rejoicing. To most you did not notice. Well, with my wife being pregnant, Christmas vacation, and a job-change I have not found time to blog. I have had a great month with my family and am excited about this being the first day of my spring semester.

Carrie hopes to get some pictures and video up soon.

I may offer some meandering thoughts in due time as well . . .

Much love to you from me and my family.


Shane Vander Hart said...


I hadn't heard that Carrie was pregnant. Congrats! When is she due?

Anonymous said...

I missed you, but then you came and I didn't miss you, and then you left and I missed you again. Did you follow all of that?

Anonymous said...

I wondered where you were, well i knew where you were, but anyway. It was good to see you guys, though as always i wish it could be more then just a quick hello. Good luck on the new semester and of course best wishes and prayers are already sent for the new baby
- Morgan, Tino, and Ben