Friday, January 30, 2009

President Obama, then and now

If you have never read this 2004 interview with President Obama and his own journey of faith, I recommend it.
This will help you know how to pray for our sitting leader now, and it may also give you insight on what makes him tick. Many people are making comments about what Obama believes and doesn't believe. Let's give him the respect he (and every human) deserves and let him tell us in his own words.


Jack said...

Matt: Glad to make those blog adjustments.

I just assume Obama is lying for public consumption, btw, but I assume almost all politicians are lying, unless they can prove otherwise. Even the ones I voted for.

Anonymous said...
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Matt Proctor said...

I just removed a comment that was anonymous and without grace. I will usually leave comments up that are signed, but anonymous words full of vindictiveness should not be aired. If you can't sign your name, you yourself are admitting the words are out of character and inappropriate.