Monday, February 02, 2009

On Anonymous Words

Here are my positions on anonymous letters, blog, comments, emails:

1. Anonymous thoughts will never be commented upon. Also, only on rare occasions, will anonymous posts/comments not be deleted from this blog. If someone has an opinion and signs their name, I will allow others to see them and then personally, I will attempt to answer their questions and concerns. But if someone is unwilling to take ownership for their beliefs, I feel no responsibility to share mine.

2. If I know something is anonymous (especially letters/emails), I will throw it away without reading it. Usually ungoldy and inappropriate words are in such correspondence, and reading such words are neither helpful nor beneficial to my own growth as a person.

3. I am not insulted by divergent viewpoints so please feel free to openly disagree. I will probably learn something from you and on occasion, you will win me to your belief. You should expect me to respond in grace and humility, and I should expect the same.


Scott Farrington said...

Your site does not allow for someone who does not have a blog to post in any fasion but anonymous, otherwise I would have left you a manner in which to contact me.

Here is my issue with you advocating support for Barry/Barack. As a man of God, how on Earth can you support a person who supports everything that the Church decries? He is an admitted drug user, is pro abortion and pro-partial birth abortion at that - is pro gay marriage and pretty much everything that the Bible stands for, yet you, as a man of God asks me to support him. I see this as a major failing in your learning and your judgement. I am not a holy person by any means, and I see this person as a terrible slap in the face of God and his teachings. Some things I cannot forgive, even though HE asks me to. All Churches are loosing members and or experiencing zero growth. Do you think it may be because of views like yours that are making people look to other avenues for faith, as it seems people like yourself and the churches that support them have lost the message they should be teaching? People are lost in this world, and when they turn to God's people here on the ground, they are finding people such as yourself who are preaching or advocating the exact oposite of what they have been taught to believe.

Matt Proctor said...

Scott, thanks for leaving your name and clarifying your views.

First off, if you read earlier blog entries, you will see that I in fact did not and would not vote for the now President Obama. I am pro-life...I believe all babies should be given a right to life, that the poor and the marginalized should be fed, assisted, and loved (not necessarily by the government), and that no one has the right to kill the elderly or the mentally or physically handicapped. I also believe God designed marriage to be between a monogamous sexual relationship between a male and a female (you can read my position on this in a blog post on Romans 1).

Second, the reason I want people to read Obama's own words on his faith experience is to decide if it really measures up to what the Bible says. One key thing that makes me question his salvation, is he believes that are many ways to God. This is contrary to biblical teaching (for example, John 14:6 and Acts 4:12). It is by faith in Jesus' life, death and resurrection that a person can be saved from their sins and death. Since Obama does not believe these things, I question whether he has ever met the true Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

There are a lot lies going out on the internet on what he really believes. We can learn how to pray for him and our country when we read his own words rather than various pundits.

Last but not least, I do think we need to be submissive to our elected leaders (all of them!). This does not mean we support every action, and I don't think I have ever said we have to "support" President Obama when he goes against God's revealed will. But Romans 13:1 tells us to submit to governing authorities and 1 Tim 2:1-2 tells us to pray for all leaders. We do not have to agree to their views and we do not have to knowingly approve of evil behavior. But if the apostle Paul could tell his people in the 1st century to honor barbaric and evil Roman Emperors, I think we can still prayerfully submit to our elected officials.

Scott, I am appreciating this dialog.