Sunday, February 15, 2009

Purpose in the Midst of Pain

Since moving to Denver, my family has had the privilege of spending time with a mid-40s man who has cerebral palsy. He has had a very rough few months physically and has been back in the hospital the last couple days due to pain and dizziness. He is struggling with doubts about God, depression in regards to life, and lacks the motivation that he needs to press on in life. Personally, I have no grasp of what it means to have purpose in the midst of pain, especially, the kind of pain that is debilitating. I have no profound words of insight for my friend so I will pray (and I'd like your prayers too!).

I'd like you to pray for him on a number of fronts:
1) That he would give his heart to Jesus and invite God to do an inner transformation of his soul (2 Cor. 5:17).
2) That he would find a purpose for his life. Recently, I listened to the testimony of David Ring. Mr. Ring also has cerebral palsy (C.P.) and through the grace of God has lived an exemplary life. I encourage you to go and listen to or download Mr. Ring's story at I would like my friend to find the kind of passion for life that David Ring possesses!
3) That a renewed heart and purpose from Jesus would lead to the kind of emotional change necessary to combat his ongoing struggles with a physical disability.
4) That if the Lord wills, that he would experience a miraculous healing.

Thanks for coming alongside him at this time.

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