Saturday, April 18, 2009

My blog's 4 year anniversary

On April 13, my blog celebrated its 4 year anniversary. Here are a few anniversary thoughts:

1) I still only have like 2 regular readers (and I'm one of them).
2) I have wondered for the last 2 years if blogging is already a dead vehicle. Is Twitter the new king? I hope not! Twitter is the enemy of developed thought. At least a good blog digests info and doesn't just throw up extemporaneous thoughts.
3) I have hoped that the pictures and videos of my family have helped people understand that life is more than thoughts and books. My family loves them, but those who want thoughts just skip by. I've heard my family also ignores the more "thoughtful posts" so I guess that makes both sides even the score.
4) Some people are thinkers and some talkers. I am a talker; therefore, I talk to process my ideas. Unfortunately, I often do some of my thinking by typing/blogging. That means many of these blog thoughts are only the early stages of my maturing thoughts. That being said, you can always disagree and challenge me. I'm in process (and so are you).
5) I wonder if people who read this blog are looking for specific discussion topics??? Send me a shout.


Jeff Nine said...

Discussion topic ideas? I have one. What about "Why Twitter IS King". :)

Liz said...

Matt -
You are on my google reader and I read your blog whenever you post something new! I enjoy both your thinking-in-process and the pics of your fam.

God Bless,

Liz (Cooper) Bates

Anonymous said...

I'm a somewhat regular reader, as is my wife. I enjoy both the thoughtful posts and the family ones. Your blog is indicative of how life works. Each one is a learner, a teacher, a member of a family, a worker/student. That is what I appreciate most about your blog... it gives people a snapshot of your life and all the different aspects of it. Keep on posting. Your blog often encourages me.


Shane Vander Hart said...

Congratulations on the milestone.

I've been subscribed to your blog via Google Reader as well (but don't always visit since you publish your whole feed).

I think blogging is far from being dead. It in many ways has become an alternative media source.

I'm seeing more people come to my blog, not less as time goes on. It really depends on what you blog on.

I look at both types of posts that you do since I know your family. I've gotten away from that and depend on Facebook for that type of stuff.

Kyle said...

I'm just now checking your blog (via Erica Johnson's). I've not met you but my wife (previously Christie Johnson) speaks highly of you and I thought I'd check the blog out/ I like it very much.It's the type of deep thoughts intermingled with semi-relevant randomness that I just love. I'll be back