Monday, June 08, 2009

Am I approachable?

This question should be asked by a pastor every week . . . so when I asked myself this question today, I realized that I am often not approachable.

I recognize there are a number of things I need to change to be a better pastor in this area. Here are my top 5:

1. Talk less, listen more
2. When I listen, I need to listen more thoroughly, trying to understand a person, not give them advice. Then I must hold the stories of these people with utmost honesty and confidence.
3. I need to more vocal and honest about my many shortcomings.
4. I need to give people my time . . . this will require moving slower in the day and intentionally not over-scheduling, which ultimately pulls me to tasks instead of people.
5. I need to take time to be in solitude and silence each day with God so that I don't carry around so many anxieties of my own.

Here's an encouraging word from Ken Sande on the importance and necessity of being approachable in ministry:

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Anonymous said...

Your continued self evaluation is commendable. I just wanted to encourage you... you have grown in most of these areas since I have known you. I appreciate your heart to love and serve people.