Monday, July 06, 2009

Help the Preacher (maybe a new series/label category)

For all those wise preachers (and not-so wise preachers, like me), what wisdom can you share on preaching 2 long chapters of narrative in one sermon? I am preaching Numbers 13-14 this week and I want to be careful to keep people focused throughout a large chunk of Biblical text.

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Jack said...

I'd suggest to remember that there's no Biblical rule that says you have to include every detail, or even read the whole thing through. Don't feel obligaed to tell the audience everything. I have a friend who was so obsessive-compulsive, he just killed us with the occasional (very occasional) sermons he was allowed to do. His sermons were very tedious.

You could write a summary of the story, like a script, since (I gather) this will be more of a storytelling message than abstract principles of doctrine.