Monday, July 13, 2009

"Lessons from the Wilderness" - Sermons from the Book of Numbers

I just completed a 3-part sermon series for a church in the Denver area. This church recently lost their pastor and are in a transition period. As such, I felt it would be appropriate to preach sermons from the book of Numbers. Numbers records the journey of the Israelites after their freedom from 400 years of Egyptian slavery. They leave Egypt and begin moving through the desert/wilderness toward God's Promised Land. In fact, the title in the Hebrew Bible is ba-midbar which in translation means, "in the wilderness/desert." We have really enjoyed serving this special church family. They have loved me and my family, and we have loved them. We pray God's blessings on them today.

A wilderness is a place of despair, confusion, and doubt. This is true of literal wildernesses, but also of the figurative wildernesses. We all go through dry times as we wait for God to lead us out. But I firmly believe that God sends us through wildernesses to take us to places we would never have gotten without first going through the wilderness.

Here are the 3 recent sermons I gave dealing with issues related to wandering wilderness moments. They will only be available for a short time so if you are interested in listening to them, download them sooner than later (and if someone could teach me how to make these files smaller, that would be great - sorry they are such large files). To save, right click and then click save link/target as . . . and then save them somewhere you can find them.

Sermon #1 - "Numbers 11: Is Complaining a Problem?"

Sermon #2 - "Numbers 12: The Difficult Dance of Leading and Following"

Sermon #3 - "Numbers 13-14: Getting Where You're Supposed to Go"

I've noticed many preachers have swung by to download these messages so I thought I would add my manuscripts. These are sloppy at best, and forgive me for the times I may have not cited an author. Any thing that sounds insightful probably came from someone else and if you notice an important omission, please inform me and I will try and get a proper citation. If you do happen to use my sermon, please make reference to it and leave a comment for me below. If you happen to do a podcast at your church, I'd love to listen to it and learn.

1) Numbers 11 PDF
2) Numbers 12 PDF
3) Numbers 13-14 PDF

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