Friday, July 17, 2009

Morality is not enough . . .

God has been convicting me lately. I look back on my life and realize I have spent too much time trying to clean up my life. AND I've spent too much time trying to clean up the lives of the people of whom I have tried to minister. This is Christless moralism. This is cross-less, human-centered perfectionism. Instead of pointing to the cross of Jesus Christ for hope, I have unintentionally allowed people to trust in their own power and their own strength.

Today, I confess that I am a powerless sinner, in need of grace, help, and hope. Only Jesus can save me. Only Jesus can empower me for a life of growing holiness. Jesus saves people . . . He cleans people up. Jesus is not some add-on to my otherwise mostly good life . . . because without Him I have nothing!

Here are a few of the resources God has used to remind me of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ:

Mark Galli quoting Michael Horton:

Coming to the cross means repentance—not adding Jesus as a supporting character for an otherwise decent script but throwing away the script in order to be written into God's drama. It is death and resurrection, not coaching and makeovers. Read the whole article here:

A good message from Matt Chandler for all of us (especially if you are a preacher, click and listen to this 4 minute clip):

For greater insights into preaching the Gospel instead of moralism, listen to Lessons 22-25 of Bryan Chapell's "Christ-Centered Preaching" lectures from Covenant Seminary. You have to create an account, but it costs nothing and is well worth your time.


Shane Vander Hart said...

Amen, I read that article as well. Have you read Christless Christianity by Horton? Highly, highly recommend it.

Matt Proctor said...

thanks Shane,

I just added it to my amazon wish list