Monday, August 31, 2009

Eternal Security (15th century style)

"There was once a man who was very anxious, and wavered between fear and hope. One day, overcome with sadness, he lay prostrate in prayer before the altar in church, and pondering these matters in his mind, said, 'Oh, if I only knew that I should always persevere [as a committed follower of Jesus Christ]!' Then he heard within his heart an answer from God: 'If you knew this, what would you do? Do now what you would then, and all will be well.' So, comforted and strengthened, he committed himself to the will of God, and his anxious uncertainty vanished. Nor did he wish any longer to inquire into what would happen to him, but strove the more earnestly to learn the perfect and acceptable will of God, whenever he bean to understand any good work."

-from Thomas a Kempis' Imitation of Christ, b. 1380, d. 1471 (from the L. Sherley-Price translation) from day 1 of reading for my 2nd to last semester at Denver Seminary!!

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