Monday, November 30, 2009

The best email of the day (so far):

Dear Matt,

Dr. Danny Carroll, chair of your M.Div. orals committee, has reported that you have successfully completed both the oral and written components of the orals process, and has forwarded to me a hardcopy of your approved doctrine and ministry paper. Congratulations!

At the end of the semester, I will report to the Registrar’s Office that you have passed M.Div. orals, and they will officially post this result with other course grades shortly after the end of the semester.

Again, congratulations on this milestone and accomplishment.

Dr. W. David Buschart

Instructor of Record, M.Div. Orals, Fall 2009


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt! What an accomplishment. It is great to see God's work in you. May God use your hard work during a lifetime of ministry.


B. Thomas said...

WTG, Matt! Awesome accomplishment and a great milestone of God's goodness to you. Enjoy!