Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions and thoughts on the future

My 3 Resolutions for 2009 were:

1. Read one book per week - successful
2. Read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice - successful. If you'd like to do this this year, here's a nice reading chart
3. Write one hand-written letter per week - failed (got to about 33, had a baby, and never got back to it)

My considerations for 2010 are:

1. Run (and/or use the elliptical) for 1,000 miles.
2. Read all of the Johannine Literature (John, 1-3 John, Revelation) in Greek
3. Complete a Marathon
4. Read 5 novels by Dostoyevsky
5. Bench press 225 lbs.

(I'm leaning toward #s 1, 2, 4)

Any thoughts, votes, other important goals?

Also, I have completed my 5th of 6 semesters at Denver Seminary. I have officially started the job hunt. So your prayers and recommendations would be most appreciated. We hope to be hired by a church before my May 2010 graduation.


Anonymous said...

I think that you should run about 703 miles with Carrie, Samuel, and Caleb on your back and then you would be back in Boone. Sound like a plan?


Matt Proctor said...

i like the plan; sadly, i know it's impossibility

Anonymous said...

Ok then, I like #1 and #2 and I would possibly add a weekend away with Carrie to connect and process and pray for upcoming decisions about a job and moving. That might not be a resolution per se, but something to include. Love you man!