Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aunt Heather reaches 30!!!

Today we celebrate 30 years of life for Aunt Heather (Matt's older sister). Heather received an early birthday present on Thanksgiving day, her first child Sayers MaryAnn Johnson. The pic is a bit old (her and husband Jase from Christmas last year).

Here are the 30 reasons we dropped in the mail to Heather on why we love her:

1. She is one of the most loyal people we know.

2. She consistently makes an effort to stay connected to us.

3. She is down-to-earth and practical.

4. She has a great, dry sense of humor.

5. She gives thoughtful gifts—especially the farm and animals, which are a definite favorite!

6. She is not afraid to say what she thinks.

7. She sure can keep a clean house. ;)

8. She appreciates beauty and art, and brings beauty wherever she goes.

9. She is a selfless mommy.

10. She tells great stories about growing up in the Proctor family. :)

11. She loves and respects her husband in a way that is inspiring to others.

12. She is a hard worker.

13. She is committed to the Proctor family as well as to her in-laws.

14. She makes some mean chocolate chip cookies!

15. She was kind to her little brother: driving him to school, not letting on that she could have still beat him up during high school, and just generally being seen in public with him.

16. She is a gracious hostess.

17. She is financially wise.

18. She has a generous heart.

19. She brings laughter to others through her keen sense of mis-direction. :)

20. She is a woman of honesty and integrity.

21. She is humble enough to admit vulnerabilities.

22. She is a great cook.

23. She loves her nephews!

24. She is a realist.

25. She is darn pretty.

26. She values good books and good movies, and likes to learn.

27. She helps carry on the fond memories of Grandma MaryAnn.

28. She is the kind of person that wants the best for other people.

29. She is a great listener.

30. She is a fabulous sister, sister-in-law, and aunt.

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