Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fascinating Insight for Growing and Stagnating Churches . . .

1) For thriving/growing Churches: A church that is growing, adding new members, and seeing lives touched by the Gospel does not need a lot of change. Sadly, people get addicted to the seeming change (which is really just the dynamics of adding new people). So they hire an innovator pastor. But when the innovator pastor tries to turn the ship too hard and too fast, he effectively kills all the established momentum.

Solution: If you church is doing well, find an established, wise, and faithful pastor. Someone who is willing to embrace the existing vision and ministry philosophy.

2) For plateauing/shrinking Churches: A church that has experienced minimal growth if not totally stagnation and decline needs a new vision; thus, a new visionary. Someone needs to rattle the system and cause the ship to get moving again.

Solution: If a church is doing poorly, it's probably time to change everything (well, probably not everything but it may feel that way). Bring in an innovative person who has not been molded by established practices, but someone who will bring a fresh view of ministry to the congregation.

From an August 2009 interview with Pastor Mark Dever interviewing Australian Dean (fancy word for senior pastor of a large Anglican church) Philip Jensen. You can click the link below for to listen to the entire excellent interview.


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Better still. why don't we all grow up and stop believing in fairy tales altogether!