Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Heavy Subject - Abortion in the News

Two articles from today are worth your time:

The first, "Just How Pro-Choice is America?" by Jennifer Senior in the New York magazine gives a thorough history of abortion in America since 1973. Though Senior advocates for abortion, her writing effectively demonstrates just how unsettled America really is about abortion.

The second is a review of this article by Southern Seminary president Albert Mohler: http://ow.ly/K02g

His closing words are worth being recalled:

By any measure, Jennifer Senior has written one of the most honest, revealing, insightful, and important articles on abortion to appear in recent history. At the same time, it is one of the most troubling. Once again, we are reminded that the American conscience is not settled on the issue of abortion. We should be thankful that recent events and cultural developments -- aided and abetted by technology -- have made a real difference, helping and forcing Americans to understand that abortion is the killing of a human life.

In a very real sense, we should be thankful that the American conscience remains unsettled on this issue. A good and honest conversation about the reality of abortion is one of the best means of serving the cause of life. Jennifer Senior's honest article can serve as an incredibly potent catalyst for such a conversation.

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